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Eastwood Increased Organic Traffic by 210%.

Eastwood Traffic

Our comprehensive SEO Strategy for this e-commerce giant focused heavily on technical SEO to begin with. Once the solid foundations were laid, an innovative approach to content marketing and link building followed, resulting in record-breaking growth for the business - fuelled by our SEO.

  • 210% increase in organic traffic.
  • 78% increase in transactions.
  • 150% increase in YoY revenue.​

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EyeEm Increased Organic Traffic by 135%.

EyeEm Success

We implemented a full overhaul of EyeEm's SEO strategy. We recommended a total overhaul of their page design and structure, and created a guide book for keyword focus in their landing pages and blog articles. With these recommendations implemented, the results were astounding.

  • 135% increase in organic traffic.
  • 232% increase in blog traffic.
  • All time high revenue.​

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XTB Saw An Increase In Revenue of 149%.

XTB Global Traffic

We took charge of the complete digital marketing strategy and execution for the XTB brand, including SEO, PPC, Display, Affiliates, Social, DSPs and RTBs. We also helped to source, procure and setup several marketing solutions for the business, including Adobe Analytics, Marin and AppNexus. The results were phenonemal.

  • 76% increase in global qualified traffic.
  • 45% increase in account openings.
  • 149% increase in client revenue.

Unu Motors

Unu Saw An Increase In Revenue of 49%.

XTB Global Traffic

We helped Unu Motors with their SEO efforts and our results have been nothing short of outstanding. The key to ranking with Unu was a solid foundation of technical and onsite SEO, followed by a creative off-site strategy. All this was achieved with the help of their in-house creative team as well as marketing.

  • 101% increase in global qualified traffic.
  • 41.79% increase in transactions.
  • 48.97% increase in client revenue.

Kontakt.io Saw A 5x Increase in Targeted Organic Traffic.

We took over this account in mid 2016, and we focused on increasing the number of qualified leads. The results were not as sharp as the chart shows, as it was achieved using several small wins rather than an instantaneous 10x in traffic. We did this by focusing on incremental gains, all while managing the clients expectations.

  • 500% increase in qualified traffic.
  • 150% increase in MQLs.

ZPG saw their monthly organic traffic grow to 6 million +.

ZPG Growth

Working with ZPG's brilliant in-house team, we came in as external consultants to audit their current processes, and to provide technical SEO guidelines for their wide range of sites.

  • Bespoke, interdepartmental training documents.
  • 220% increase in organic traffic.
  • Supported record breaking YoY revenue across all channels

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William Hill saw their PPC ROAS increase by 212% YoY.

Will Hill PPC

William Hill operates in the most competitive and expensive industry you can imagine - iGaming. After initially contacting us for a conversion rate optimization project, we were later tasked with dramatically improving their PPC campaigns, which were spiralling out of control.

  • A reduction in cost per click (CPC) with a Quality Score based approach.
  • An increase in visibility above the fold for their top keyword targets.
  • A 212% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) vs the previous year.

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